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Red Fort India-Discover the Rich History and Beauty



Red Fort, the Charm of Mughal Empower

Red Fort, in Delhi was built by the great emperor of the Mughal Dynasty, Shah Jahan. It took ten years to build the fort. The fort has two gates named Lahore gate and Delhi gate. Delhi gate is not for people to visit, and the Lahore gate or Lahori Gate is open for the public to visit the fort. India waves the Indian flag from the Lahori Gate on Independence Day, and Indians celebrate Independence Day. The fort is 372 years old, and the red stone is imported from Rajasthan, and that’s why the fort is known as the Red Fort.

How to reach the Red Fort?

The red fort is situated at Netaji Subhash Marg, Chandni Chowk in New Delhi is India’s national capital and a commercial hub. It is well connected by all India as well abroad through air and train. The place also had well connectivity with its neighboring such as Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc., through different highways like national highway two, outer ring road, etc. 

Once you reached Delhi, you can get a train for Chandni chowk to the nearest railhead of Red fort or book a taxi or cab.

About the Red Fort

The red fort has only three sides of the wall. On the fourth side of the fort, the Yamuna River flows. After the independence, the Indian army took control of the red fort till 2003, and in 2004 the government announced the red fort to be a tourist place, and Unesco declared it a Tourist Heritage Place. At the entrance of the Red Fort, there is a Market called Meena Bazaar. Shah Jahaan built this bazaar for his Queens; men’s entry was prohibited at that time.  

The Britishers build British barracks before the independence, and Mughals Barracks build by the Mughals to train their army. The name of every mahal (Palace) or gate is named in the Persian Farsi language because, at that time, people use to talk in the Farsi language. After the Meena bazaar, Naubat Khana, where musicians play music when the king passes from there. After that, the Diwan-e-Aam was the court for ordinary people, where King Shah Jahaan used to make decisions of people’s problems. The fort has Rang Mahal to entertain guests, luxurious fountains in the garden. 

fort transformed

A Seat named (Mayur Singhasan) where Shah Jahaan uses to sit in the meeting. The best part is, the fort was entirely designed and architectured with gold and silver, but in 1739 an Irani king attacked the red fort and theft all the treasure from the fort. The Khaas Mahal (Bedroom) is the most preciously made with typical Persian Farsi designs, where Shah Jahaan lives and prays. 

Main Attraction Point of Red Fort

The fort has Diwan-e-Khaas, where the king meets only with special people; ordinary people were not allowed to come there. We can consider it the Parliament of that time. There are many places to visit Hamam, where king baths, a mosque where Aurangzeb uses to pray. It also has Shahi Dawat khana, Shah Burj from where water supplies in the fort. The fort is situated in the middle of Delhi State it’s India’s most developed state. Many hotels and restaurants have food, to stay and observe the whole Delhi state closely. At the entrance of the fort, you can hire a tourist guide to fill yourself with a bunch of true knowledge about the fort.


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