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10 Luxury Resorts In Manali, India



Manali – Lover’s Paradise and India’s Honeymoon Capital.

Manali’s paradise city lies between the snow-capped slopes of the Dhauladhar ranges and Pir Panjal. The popular town is surrounded by lush green forests, gushing blue streams, high peaks, and many more that look like fairy tales on Earth. Manali, the city, doesn’t miss any chance to entertain its tourists, so it also has some fascinating places for exploring Manali. However, that includes quaint little villages, bustling streets, museums, temples, and trekking hills. 

Solang Valley is the most visited place by numerous tourists in Manali. The sight valley itself gives breathtaking views. Solang Valley slopes offer a famous skiing destination, especially in winter. But in the summers, the place becomes the paragliding destination for everyone. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Solan Valley becomes your ideal destination with enchanting activities. So it includes horse-riding, zorbing, and many more. 

Aerial view of Manali city in India from the Mountain

Top Resorts/Hotels of Manali to enjoy a happy weekend with your loved ones


Span Resort & Spa

This resort is the best for travellers looking for a resort out of Manali. It is the 5-star and the first riverside resort in the Kullu Valley and stands out as the most recommended resort in the city and its 86% guests’ ideal location. The resort’s modern structure has well-furnished rooms with cozy ambience, free wifi, breakfast, and many more. The resort’s rooftop view provides a panoramic view of the valley that attracts numerous tourists. Tourists can play table tennis, darts, and billiards at the hotel’s accommodation, and the area is famous for cycling if you plan a trip to Manali and want to spend your day near Manali. Going to Span Resort & Spa; would satisfy and enthral you with its warm hospitality. 

Location: Manali

Distance from Mall Road Manali: 13km from mall road Manali

Starting Price: INR 14,000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • Hotels provide a chance to escape city life’s noise and chaos and focus your mind. So it makes your body feel cozy, and the senses awaken to the little wonders of creation. 
  • The place also provides you with a fascinating view of its nearby places that one could fall in love with the sight.

Larisa Resort

Larisa Resort, a place of heaven on earth, is amidst the apple orchards’ sweet fragrance and just a few steps away from clouds. The resort welcomes every guest with its signature style of hospitality. All rooms on the resort s property are well furnished with all desired facilities of a person. That includes a swimming pool, free wifi, an enchanting view of the sight, and many more as per its guest’s mood. However, as you experience the resort, you feel that the resort is right in the middle of nature. Also, it does not disturb the fauna and flora of its surrounding place. The resort’s bar has an extensive list of spirits that make evenings more sought after. 

Location: Manali

Distance from Mall Road Manali: 14km from the mall road Manali

Starting Price: INR 7,500/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The hotel’s restaurants offer delectable food, a treat for food lovers.
  • Every room has a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom in the hotel. 


Mary’s Cottage Hotel

The Mary’s Cottage features a homestay surrounded by the natural beauty of lush green gardens. The hotel provides furnished rooms with cozy ambience, a flat-screen TV, free wifi, and many more according to guests’ desires. An open 1.5 acres of land space with lush green gardens also provides ample parking space. It is the ideal destination for getting away from busy city life and relaxing your soul in the Himalayan Ranges’ tranquillity and peace. The property arranges a nice bonfire in the lush green garden with barbecue facilities. If you are going to Manali, plan a night’s stay there. It would be best to stay at Mary’s Cottage to get expertise with warm hospitality and the site’s enchanting activities. 

Location: Manali

Distance: 2.4 km from city centres

Starting Price: INR 6000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features: 

  • The hotel’s guests can enjoy a stroll or shop at the famous mall road just 2 km from the cottage.
  • The cottage’s flexible policies and friendly management make it the desired destination amongst tourists. 


Solang Valley Resort


The Solang Valley resort is ideal for enjoying the stunning views of the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges. The property is spread over acres of lush green surroundings, with beautiful flowers adding to the picturesque scenery. The resort is near the Ski slopes at Solang Valley and offers a completely tranquillity holiday destination. It is ideal for adventure seekers to enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities such as trekking, paragliding, and many more. The hotel’s well-furnished rooms offer a cozy ambience with a flat-screen TV, free wifi, breakfasts, and so on. Solang Valley Resort is a mesmerizing resort in the heart of Solang. 

Location: Manali

Distance from Solang ski slopes: 2.1 km from Solang ski slopes

Starting Price: INR 12,500/-

Ideal for: For a weekend, family and friends

Best Features:

  • The resort offers a panoramic view of the nearby valley covered with snow-capped.
  • The delicious food of the resort’s restaurants will enhance your stay there. 


Vivaan The Sunrise Resort

The Vivaan Sunrise Resort, situated on the top of the mountain on Kanyal Road in Manali, has 18 rooms, including suites. The rooms’ modern ambience combines the cottage’s comfortable touch with one wood-panelled wall and furniture tilting towards the classic. The bathrooms of the resorts have all modern amenities. It is a good option for travellers seeking a resort out of Manali. The resorts offer an incredible view of the Hamta Pass and Rohtang la pass. It is popular for creating a remarkable presence in the city, making it one of Manali’s most sought-after resorts. 

Location: Kanyal Road, Manali

Distance from mall road Manali: 6 km from mall road Manali

Starting Price: INR 2000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The hotel offers you a majestic view of the nearby places of the resort that enhance your stay. 
  • The resort’s priority is to ensure its guests’ safety and security; therefore, it strictly follows all precautions for covid-19. 


Apple Country Resorts

Apple country resort is a charming property with world-class hospitality and is well-established in the mother’s lap. It is situated on the highest point of Manali, giving you a perfect moment to set for your intimate and family vacations. The resort provides a picturesque view of the nearby quaint valleys and high peaks and a pleasant walk through apple orchards. All resorts’ rooms are well-furnished with a modern ambience and fulfil all desired facilities of their guests. The resort has an unwind at the resort’s on-site sauna and a spa and wellness center-Tatva. 

Location: Old Manali Town

Distance: 2.0 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 3,000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The hotel offers a mesmerizing sight of snow-capped mountains that surrounds the valley.
  • The warm hospitality of the resort attracts numerous tourists to the place repeatedly. 


Renest River Country Resort

Renest River country resort is nestled in the breathtaking valleys of the majestic Himalayas. The site offers fresh air, warm hospitality, adventures, a serene view of landscapes, and a memorable experience that awaits adventure seekers like you. According to their guests, all 58 rooms of the resort are accommodations with a flat-screen tv, minibars, free wifi, and other desired facilities. The resort focused on overall wellness, a constant theme through food, peace, and the hotel’s outlay. If you plan a trip to Manali, you must go to Renest River Country; it will not disappoint you and will enhance your stay. 

Location: Bank of Beas river, Manali

Distance: 15 km from Solang valley

Starting Price: INR 3,500/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The Renest River Country Resort offering in a Bar house named Blu is also great for enjoying your loved ones’ era fullest. 
  • The resort’s chilling hospitality attracts numerous tourists and serves delicious food to every guest. 


The Manali Inn Resort

The Manali Inn is a 4-star luxury resort famous in Manali and well-equipped with the latest amenities that define luxury hospitality. The hotel property provides a unique holiday experience and has the state of the art banqueting facilities that help you host social and corporate events. One can also see the splendour upon entering the hotel’s main entrance. The resort furnished rooms with luxury facilities with flat-screen facilities, free wifi, breakfast, and a wide area for parking vehicles. To know more about the resort must visit the place at least once. So you can get expertise with the incredible hospitality and activities of the resort. 

Location: Manali

Distance: 3 km from the city center

Starting Price: INR 3,650/-

Ideal for: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The resort staff is the most courteous and hospitable here; they serve their great service with a never-ending smile and pleasant behaviour. 
  • The resorts offer you an amazing view of the quaint valley, and visitors cannot resist themselves to fall in love with this valley. 


Primo Resort

Primo Resorts is one of Manali’s best resorts for individuals and groups who seek training in any adventure activity. The 4-star resorts offer superior rooms with ideal guests and ideal facilities with a private balcony for a memorable stay. Numerous tourists visit the place yearly and enjoy the wonderful view of snow-clad mountains. If you’re planning a trip to Manali, staying at Primo Resort is highly recommended, As it provides chilling hospitality to its guest and follows all orders. The staff members are so pleasurable and fulfil all your wishes with a happy smile.

Location: Manali

Distance: 2 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 2,100/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:  

  • The Primo resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves lip-smacking delicacies.
  • The resort’s in-house restaurant has various cuisine options, from Indian to Chinese and continental. 


Baragarh Resort & Spa

The resort is in the popular Baragarh Estate in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a luxurious villa nestled amidst full orchards with all modern amenities, personalized service, and aesthetic design. The resort stands out as one of the recommended resorts of Manali and is also recommended by 100% of its guests. All the resort rooms are well-furnished with modern ambience, free wifi, breakfast,24-hour front desk and room service, and many more that enhance your stay. To learn more about the place, you must visit the place and experience the enchanting activities the resorts provide. 

Location: Manali

Distance: 7 km from city centres

Starting Price: INR 2.500/-

Ideal for: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The resorts also offer spa facilities to their guests, so they feel relaxed from their busy city life.
  • The view of the nearby valley from the resort feels like heaven on earth, attracting numerous visitors. 

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