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Lucknow-The City of Nawabs and Kebabs

Resorts, Lucknow is the capital and greatest city of Uttar Pradesh, located on the river’s Gomati banks. The most stunning words of the town when it welcomes you with the heartwarming note, “Keep Smiling Because You are in Lucknow.” The city is well known for its Nawabs, and Kebabs have the structure and history of culture and literature that the city of Lucknow nutshell you. 

The Mughal gateway Rumi Darwaza was constructed in the city’s centre, dividing Lucknow into two partitions. One is ‘old Lucknow’, having ancient structures and a more crowded place; on the other hand ‘, New Lucknow’ is the most planned city in Asia. The old Lucknow is well known for its popular delicious kebab and biryani outlets, bustling vibrant streets, and wholesale jewellery stores. 

On the other hand, New Lucknow is well maintained with all modern facilities, including shopping malls, wide roads, and many parks for entertainment. Ambedkar Park and Gomti Riverfront Park are the most popular Lucknow gardens for evening visits with family and friends. The local people of Lucknow are so welcoming and famous in the country for their courtly manners and “You First” culture. So it always leaves a smile on the visitor’s faces. 

For most resorts/hotels of the city for a happy weekend stay

Hilton Garden Inn Resorts

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The Hilton Garden Inn resorts are located in the heart of Lucknow’s conservative area of Gomti Nagar. The hotel’s architecture has modern interiors and design, with 125 rooms and more than 1,114 mt. Sq. Space for the banqueting hall. All rooms are well furnished with a person’s desired facilities, including 24-hour room service and a special midnight menu. The hotel also offers a Spa facility and a swimming pool, essential for refreshing your body. The new address of comfort and style provides a prime location and first-class service to modern travellers. If you visit Lucknow and plan a night stay in the town, you must go to Hilton Garden Inn. It would not disappoint you and is the best resort among all resorts of Lucknow. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: Around 7 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 7000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The freshly prepared food cuisine awaits you at the hotel’s property that enthrals your soul.
  • Due to covid-19, the hotel strictly follows all rules and maintains a healthy environment for its guests. 

Hyatt Regency Lucknow

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Hyatt Regency Hotel is located in the vibrant business district of Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar. The hotel’s modern ambience offers spacious guestrooms with luxurious bedding, free wifi, floor-to-ceiling windows, and many more. The rooms are furnished with contemporary amenities like a flat-screen TV, minibar, and electric kettle and are air-conditioned to ensure comfort. To help you relax and rejuvenate, the hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness centre, and a spa, perfect for refreshing your mind and body. The warm hospitality of the resort will enchant its guests every day. If you plan a trip to Lucknow, you must stay at Hyatt Regency; its incredible hospitality once amazed you. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 7 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 10,000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend

Best Features:

  • The hotel provides its best Authentic Italian Awadhi and delicious Chinese cuisine for everyone who stays at the property. 
  • It strictly follows all guidelines and precautions for covid-19 and maintains a healthy environment for its guests’ safety and peace of mind. 

Fairfield by Marriott Lucknow

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The Fairfield by Marriott resort is placed in the up-and-coming Gomti Nagar district; the luxury hotel provides all desired facilities of a person. The 4-star hotel in Lucknow has deluxe bedding, high-speed internet, a sleek marble bathroom, and a workspace for business purposes. Kava is the hotel’s signature restaurant and offers everyone delicious mouth-watering cuisine. So many guests get to fall in love with these cuisines. The hotel’s comforting and modern ambience persuades numerous guests repeatedly as it shows their warm hospitality towards their guests. Whether you are travelling to Lucknow for a business purpose or attending an event, this hotel looks forward to welcoming you to India. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 8 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 7,800/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend

Best Features:

  • Due to covid-19, the hotel strictly follows all guidelines and maintains a healthy environment for its guests’ security and peace of mind. 
  • The resort also offers a bar facility to its Guest with a specialty in cocktails.

Novotel Resort

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The 5-star Hotel Novotel is peacefully situated at Viraj Khand, opposite Sahara Hospital, close to Lucknow’s entertainment and business hub. The hotel’s modern amenities are incredibly designed and have stunning interior rooms.

The brand-new hotel also features four meeting rooms for celebrating events like weddings and meetings. It also offers high-speed wifi, free breakfast and parking, an interactive kitchen at the restaurant, and a swimming pool. The resort’s warm hospitality attracts many visitors, and some are repeatedly staying there. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 9 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 6,700/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features: 

  • The resort provides both leisure and business stays at an affordable range.
  • The hotel guest tastes the delicious food in roop top restaurant and enjoys the resort’s bar drinks or cocktails. 

Taj Mahal Resort

The 5-star resort is very famous all over Lucknow and represents a new wow in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. It is placed on the river Gomti’s bank and Lucknow’s entertainment and business areas. Taj Mahal Hotel offers a modern structure ambience with ideal facilities for a person. All rooms are decorated with stunning interiors with a flat-screen TV, free wifi and breakfast, a pool, a 24-hour front desk, and many more. If you ever plan a trip to Lucknow and looking for a night stay in the city. It would be best if you went to the Taj Mahal resort in Lucknow, it would not disappoint you as it is the best one in the entire Lucknow. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 4.1 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 20,000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend 

Best Features:

  • The hotel staff’s behaviour is friendly, and their warm hospitality attracts many visitors.
  • The hotel’s restaurant offers delicious cuisine that everyone would like and gets melted into the food flavours. 

Renaissance Lucknow Resort

The Renaissance Resort is a 5-star hotel in Lucknow, and it offers an easy access pathway to business hubs, entertainment parks, government offices, and famous tourist attractions in Lucknow. The hotel’s modern decorative ambience attracts visitors with spacious rooms with a flat-screen TV, free wifi, breakfasts, and many more. The hotel’s property boasts three multi-cuisine restaurants that are open to everyone. It stands out as a highly recommended hotel in Lucknow and is recommended by 96% of its guests. Renaissance Resort gives you to experience unforgettable comfort and luxury with incredible views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 4.2km from city centres

Starting Price: INR 13,400/-

Ideal for: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features: 

  • The hotel’s multi-restaurants offer delicious Lucknow cuisine, including kebabs and the city’s famous biryani.
  • It takes all precautions for covid-19 and maintains a healthy environment for its guests’ safety and peace of mind. 

Lebua Resort

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The Lebua Resort is an incredible choice for visitors who visit Lucknow. The hotel offers a comfy and luxurious environment and many enchanting amenities for your enhanced stay. Lebua Resort’s warm hospitality attracts numerous visitors, and its modern ambience with ideal facilities enthrals your soul. Guests can access its 24-hour front desk service and room service, and they can stay in a cozy spacious bedroom with a flat-screen tv, high-speed wifi, and many more. And, as an added convenience, it provides a free parking facility to its guests. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 1.4km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 8,800/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend 

Best Features:

  • Lebua Resort stores glimpses of its guests’ precious moments that they spend with them, a memory they will cherish for a lifetime.
  • The hotel also offers a captivating wedding venue that will leave you wanting more, as it provides a beautiful setting for your special day.

Fortune Park BBD Resort

The Fortune Park BBD resort is located in the heart of Lucknow and is an ideal venue to host social gatherings, business meetings and conferencing, seminars, and many more. The resort’s meeting space and banquet hall have high-speed wifi, secretarial support, new-age technology, spacious bedrooms, and a well-equipped business centre. The accommodation features give a 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange for its guests. Tourists can also explore the nearby famous places from the hotel that enhance their stay. If you plan a night stay in Lucknow, you must go to Fortune Park BBD Resort to experience better enjoyment. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 2.5 km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 9,900/-

Ideal for: For a weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The hotel’s atmosphere and its kind hospitality persuade numerous visitors to the place.
  • It is for business travellers and leisure stays situated in the commercial heart of Lucknow. 

The Piccadily Resort

The Piccadily Resort is a 5-star resort in the heart of Lucknow city. It is a place where you feel chill, comfortable, entertained, relaxation all at one resort. All rooms have luxurious facilities, free wifi, tasteful furnishing, and many more. So guests can also access nearby famous places and a 24-hour front desk, room service, and fitness centre. It is well known as the best business-class resort in Lucknow. To learn more about the resort, you must visit it once and feel its enchanting vibe. It is the best resort amongst all resorts of Lucknow, and it will not disappoint you. 

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 6km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 24,000/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend with family and friends

Best Features:

  • The resort allows you to explore the fabulous theme, designs, colourful landscapes, ambient music, and many more. 
  • The Piccadily Lucknow Resort is the best way to have memories with your child, family, and friends. 

Cygnett Park Di-Arch Resort

The Cygnett Park Di-Arch is a 5-star resort in Lucknow adjacent to the airport. The hotel strives to provide a kind hospitality experience worthy of the land fit for nobility. Cygnett Brand is the fastest-growing hotel chain in India & Abroad, and it offers the perfect convenience for a holiday or business trip. It stands out as one of the highly recommended resorts in Lucknow, and 93% of its guests recommended it. All rooms are well-equipped with desired private facilities, providing guests with a comfy stay. If you are considering a trip to Lucknow, Staying at Cygnett Park Di-Arch would be best to experience its warm hospitality and many more enchanting features.

Location: Lucknow

Distance: 8km from the city centre

Starting Price: INR 5,750/-

Ideal For: For a happy weekend

Best Features:

  • The hotel’s property is well furnished with a restaurant, free wifi, and free parking facilities for its guests. 
  • The hotel follows all guidelines and precautions of the covid-19 and maintains a healthy environment for guests’ safety and peace of mind. 

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