Tosh Himachal is a beautiful place in the Himalayas that is on everyone’s list when they’re visiting Kasol. Are you wondering what to do in Tosh? Well, there are a lot!

Parvati River is the main attraction here, and you can relax by its side, camp, and take a bath!

Witness the Parvati River

With the surge in tourism, there has been an increase in the number of cafes in the town. You can try Shalom, German Bakery, Pink Floyd Café, and Shiva Café here.

Explore Cafes in Tosh

There are many hostels, homestays and hotels in Tosh that you can book for a peaceful stay. You can stay in beautiful properties like Whoopers Hostel, Hotel Hill Top, Old Brahma Café, Homestay, and StonedAge.

Stay in a Peace

Tosh’s local deity’s temple is a beautiful wooden structure that gives you the ‘pahaadi’ vibe you need. When visiting, remember to be respectful.

Visit the Tosh Temple

Tosh Himachal can be visited all year round and offers diverse weather in all seasons! Take the offbeat track and visit Tosh Himachal this year on your trip to Kasol. This is an experience you will always remember!

Best Time to Visit