Tiger Reserves in Karnataka

A wildlife getaway for this weekend will help you replenish your mind as you educate yourselves. The five tiger reserves in Karnataka are the perfect spots to start this wild journey!

This endangered species is being protected for wildlife conservation all over India. The tiger reserves in Karnataka are a special odd-one-out –one of them spans within 3 states! The 5 tiger reserves in Karnataka fall into 3 different states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala!

The BRT Tiger Reserve is unusual because it is home to diverse habitats where the Eastern and Western Ghats converge. The main hill, located at this confluence point, is home to a temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy. The reserve is named "Biligiri" in Kannada, which means "white rock," due to the silver clouds and mist that cover the hills for most of the year.

Bhadra – More Than Just Tigers

In the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Bhadra Tiger Reserve is home to various flora and animals, including Bengal tigers. The picturesque Bhadra Reservoir offers boat safaris over evergreen trees, hills, and valleys. The reserve offers a spectacular experience for those who enjoy animals with its resident elephants, leopards, and diverse fauna.

Nagarhole – The Snake Stream

Rich in streams that run into the Kabini, Nagarahole National Park gets its name from the meandering Nagarahole River, which means "Snake Stream" in Kannada. A robust ecology is supported by the park's mild climate and diversified geographical characteristics, making it home to various plant and animal species.

Bandipur – One of the Best Tiger Reserves in Karnataka

The states of Karnataka (Bandipur-Nagarahole), Tamil Nadu (Mudumalai-Sathyamangalam), and Kerala (Wayanad) are home to the Bandipur, Nagarahole, Wayanad, Mudumalai, and Sathyamangalam Tiger Landscapes. It is a great illustration of how to run interstate Tiger Reserves for the long-term preservation of tigers.

Kali – The Confluence of Two Tiger Reserves in Karnataka

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park, two significant protected sites in the area, are included in the Tiger Reserve. In the biologically delicate Western Ghats, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park constitute a single tract of protected land next to one another. These two protected areas are combined under the administrative umbrella of the Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve.

Conclusion Tiger reserves in Karnataka are a great way to explore and learn about wildlife as you contribute to their protection and preservation. Do give these a visit for a fulfilling weekend!