Skywalk Garden Pune is a project every Punekar is waiting for! This world-class project in Lonavala is a marvel that every traveller will love!

The garden will be created in Lonavala and will connect Tiger Point and Lions Point with a 90-metre-long, 6-metre-wide bridge and a 125-metre-long glass skywalk!

Where is the Skywalk Garden Pune?

The PMDRA is involved in the project, which will begin in Kurwande Village, which is part of Lonavala.

Who is Involved?

The work is supposed to be finished by June 2026, soon after which the garden will be open for tourists.

When will Skywalk Garden Pune Open?

The Maharashtra government has allocated Rs. 333.56 crores for this project! Start saving and prepare yourself for an amazing trip to Lonalava to marvel at the skywalk garden Pune!

How Much Did It Cost?