Motphran Shillong

In Honour

A beautiful war memorial, Motphran Shillong, was erected by the British to honour the Khasis' sacrifice in the First World War and is situated in Bara Bazaar.

Motphran Shillong – The Stone of France

In addition to serving as a nexus for the community, Motphran is a popular tourist site in Shillong because of its rich past. Motphran means "the Stone of France" in direct translation. The 26th Khasi Labour Corps porters who transported weapons, ammunition, and other necessities for the British soldiers fighting in World War I are honoured with the monument in Motphran.

The Latin Inscription

The inscription on the monument reads “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” – a quote by Latin poet Horace that means “It is sweet and glorious to die for the fatherland.”

The Story Behind ‘Motphran’ Shillong

Originally called Mot France by the British, it became known as Motphran since the natives could not pronounce the name.