Matheran is a beautiful destination in the hills of Maharashtra. This unique place is home to the Matheran Toy Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! And yes, no vehicles are allowed here!

Ban on Vehicles?

All motorized vehicles have been banned here! It is a pollution-free hill town where the only way to get there is by toy train. You can commute here on cycles, baggis, and ponies!

This small hill town, covered mostly in red, brick-like sand, has many points of interest. You can visit Echo Point, Charlotte Lake, Louisa Point, Porcupine Point and more. The main attraction of Matheran is its toy train!

Where to Go

From Neral, this mini train travels on a narrow railway line through deep moats and valleys. The ride is an adventure in itself, with deep valleys surrounding you!

Riding the Toy Train

To reach Matheran, you will have to first reach Neral. Neral is located just 75 kilometres from Mumbai and 111 kilometres from Pune. From Neral, catch the toy train to Matheran and cover the distance of 10 kilometres to reach here! Matheran is perfect for a day trip or even a weekend trip. It is perfect for families, couples, or friends!

How to Reach