Lake Mist Mussoorie

The Lake Mist Mussoorie is a hidden gem of the beautiful town that you must visit when you’re there. The beautiful lake has a backdrop of the serene Himalayas, which makes it the perfect spot for some sightseeing as well as other activities.

Where is Lake Mist Mussoorie?

The lake is just 5 kilometres from the main area of Mussoorie and falls on the way to the Kempty Falls. It would help to stop here while on the path to the famous waterfalls.

Boating at this Pristine Place

Boating is the most sought-out option by tourists who visit this beautiful place. You can engage in paddle boating, row boating and more for minimal charges.

Having a Picnic Among the Hills

Lake Mist Mussoorie is a popular place among locals for picnics. As Kempty Falls has become crowded, the locals now prefer this lake over the falls for having fun picnics and having a relaxing time.

Lake Mist Mussoorie Entry Fees

The entry is free here and is open daily for tourists from 08.00 A.M. to 06.30 P.M. Plan your trip to the peaceful Lake Mist Mussoorie in 2023 to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind!