Jang Waterfall

The Jang Waterfall, also called the Nuranang Falls, is one of Arunachal Pradesh’s best-kept secrets. This beautiful fall is a testament to the unprecedented natural beauty of the state and its valleys.

What is So Special?

They are the highest waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh at 100 metres, and are popular among locals for their frequent rainbows!

Behind the Name

The falls and the river they originate from are named after Noora, a young girl who helped 3 soldiers of the Indian Army during the Sino-Indian War in 1962.

How to Reach?

These falls are just 40 kilometres from the cities of Bomdilla and Tawang. You can visit them on your way between these two famous tourist spots of Arunachal.

Jang Waterfall Entry Fee

There are no entry fees or times for the falls, and you can visit them anytime you like.

What Else?

The falls have been featured in many Bollywood movies. The first movie to ever show it was Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Koyla’ in the song ‘tanhai tanhai tanhai’! Many regional movies have also been shot here.