Houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir Different

Both Kashmir and Kerala, one in the extreme north and one in the extreme south of India, are popular for their houseboats. Their tourism industry can be called dependent upon these over-water stays, and the houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir are different! But have you ever wondered – how are houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir different? Let's check that out!


The houseboats in Kerala are made of coconut shreds and other materials found around beaches; the ones in Kashmir are generally made of cedarwood.

Stability v/s Movement

The houseboats in Kashmir are stable – they don’t move from where they are tied. The ones in Kerala move – they travel from place to place!


While both types of houseboats have equally luxurious amenities, the Kashmir boats are meant only to be lived in, while the ones in Kerala are meant for transportation while doing a night stay as well!


Another major difference between the houseboats in Kerala and Kashmir is their vibes – Kerala ones give beachy vibes, while Kashmiri houseboats have a touch of the colonial era. So, did you understand how are houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir different? Let us know!