Har Ki Dun Trek

The Har Ki Dun Trek is a popular hike in Uttarakhand that offers expansive views of the Himalayas. You are always in awe of the diverse flora and wildlife, breathtaking scenery, charming towns nestled into the mountains, and enormous, broad meadows. Alongside the magnificent Supin River, the hike passes across bridges that span crystal-clear streams that meander through picturesque Garhwalian settlements.

Har Ki Dun Trek Distance and Difficulty

The trek covers 44 kilometres in total, starting from the Sankri Village, which is the base camp. It is an easy-to-moderate trek that beginners can also engage in.

Har Ki Dun Trek Duration

The trek takes about a week to complete and is a treat to engage in during winter. The snow-capped peaks and snow-covered roads are soul food.

Day 1 of Har Ki Dun Trek You walk from Sankri Village to Osla through Taluka. The distance is 14 kilometres. Day 2 of Har Ki Dun Trek From Taluka, move towards Har Ki Dun. The route is 12 kilometres long. Day 3 of Har Ki Dun Trek From Har Ki Dun to Manindar Tal and back to Har Ki Dun. The complete trail is full of mesmerizing views of the Dhauladhar Range. Day 4 of Har Ki Dun Trek Walk back to Osla from Har Ki Dun. The trail is again 12 kilometres long. Day 5 of Har Ki Dun Trek From Osla, trek to Sankri. You can also drive from Osla to Sankri. Day 6 of Har Ki Dun Trek From Sankri, depart to any of your desired places.