The Hawaiian Islands

Made up of eight islands: Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Niihau, the Big Island Hawaii.









Coaker's Walk Our journey begins with Coaker's Walk, a breathtaking promenade that offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and the enchanting Kodaikanal town. Stroll along this scenic pathway and feel the cool breeze brush against your face as you soak in the mesmerizing vistas.

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Coaker's Walk

Pillar Rocks

Prepare to be awestruck as we make our way to the Pillar Rocks. These majestic rock formations stand tall, reaching heights of around 400 feet. Gaze in wonder at the sheer beauty and enjoy the panoramic views they provide. Don't forget to capture the perfect snapshot of this natural wonder.

Kodai Lake

Next, we visit the heart of Kodaikanal, the iconic Kodai Lake. This man-made marvel spreads over 60 acres and offers a tranquil ambiance for boating and leisurely walks. Spend some time exploring the lake's beauty, surrounded by lush greenery, and capture unforgettable moments.

Bear Shola Falls

Venture into the dense forests of Kodaikanal to discover the breathtaking Bear Shola Falls. Cascading down from a height of 40 feet, the falls offer a refreshing retreat amidst nature's tranquility. Enjoy the soothing sound of water and feel the mist on your face as you explore this hidden gem.

Bryant Park

Take a leisurely walk through Bryant Park, a meticulously maintained botanical garden that boasts a wide variety of flowers, plants, and trees. Relax amidst nature's vibrant colors, enjoy a picnic on the lush green lawns, and rejuvenate your senses in this serene oasis.

Silver Cascade Falls

Our journey concludes with a visit to the magnificent Silver Cascade Falls. Witness the glistening waters cascading down from a height of around 180 feet, surrounded by rocky terrain. The sheer beauty and the refreshing atmosphere make this waterfall a must-visit attraction in Kodaikanal.