Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh Fort is a beautiful yet mysterious fortress in Madhya Pradesh. Let’s look at some of its mysteries and explore its alluring beauty.

Bandhavgarh Fort: History

Bandhavgarh Fort, nearly 2,000 years old, is India's oldest, with a rich history and mythical links. Its name, meaning "Brother Fort," suggests its significance. It was once held by Martand Singh, the Maharaja of Rewa, and it continues to captivate history and mythology fans. This historic fortress located on a hill continues to enchant with its mysteries and stories, beckoning exploration and wonder.

The beauty of the Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh Fort is a monument to ancient architectural talent, and its majestic majesty captivates those who see it. Perched on a steep hill, the fort has massive walls, elaborate carvings, and grand entrances that attest to its rich history. Within its boundaries are opulent mansions embellished with beautiful craftsmanship, providing glimpses into bygone ages. The fort's strategic location offers stunning views of the surrounding terrain, adding to its attraction as an architectural gem in the woods.

How to Reach Bandhavgarh Fort

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· By Air: Jabalpur Airport is around 200 km distant. · By Train: Umaria Railway Station is around 35 km from the fort. · By Road: Bandhavgarh is well linked by road. You may take a cab or a bus from surrounding towns such as Jabalpur or Umaria.


Bandhavgarh Fort is a beautiful place shrouded in mystery and mythology. You must visit here for a historical day out!