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Saputara Hill Station: Places to Visit, Best Time to Visit, History



Enter the magical world of Saputara hill station of the Western Ghats. Rising 1000 metres above sea level, it is a hazy paradise of tumbling waterfalls, foggy mountains, and verdant surroundings. Envision discovering cultural marvels, experiencing resonant views, and enjoying chai by the peaceful Saputara Lake. Saputara welcomes your exploration, whether you are looking for adventure, peace outdoors, or a chance to immerse yourself in another culture. Come along for a brief tour of this jewel, where beauty has no limits, and every hill has a tale to tell. Read along for a guide on the stunning scenery and undiscovered gems that make Saputara a compelling travel destination. Let the journey begin!

Saputara Hill Station: The Abode of Natural Beauty

In Gujarat, India’s Dang district, Saputara is a charming hill station tucked away in the Western Ghats, known as the Sahyadris. This quaint location is well-known for its vivid scenery, beautiful meandering roads, undulating mountains, sparkling waterfalls, lush green woods, and plenty of cosy places to spend time with loved ones. Saputara hill station, 1000 metres above sea level, is a well-liked getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors, animal viewing, and adventure sports.

Travellers looking for a relaxing and tranquil break will find the town highly recommended due to its calm atmosphere and astounding natural beauty. The Sahyadris enhance the town’s charm by offering a breathtaking background. Explore the beautiful flora, which includes meadows and deep woods and creates a peaceful ambience for visitors.

Its enthralling waterfalls, which tumble down the hillsides and enhance the overall visual magnificence, are among its features. The drive is captivating due to the meandering roads that snake across the scenery, providing expansive vistas of the surrounding area. These routes are a thrill for those who appreciate travelling over steep terrain.

The town provides a range of options for individuals who enjoy taking risks. The area offers an ideal setting for walking and hiking, enabling adventure seekers to discover the varied landscape and take in the breathtaking natural beauty up close. Wildlife enthusiasts may also find enough to do in the town, as it offers a variety of plants and animals to see.

Saputara hill station is a great place to visit all year round because of its height, which guarantees a comfortable temperature. The town’s hospitality sector provides various lodging options, from quaint cottages to luxurious resorts, guaranteeing guests a pleasurable stay. It is a jewel in the Western Ghats, beckoning visitors to enjoy the splendour of nature, go on thrilling adventures, and make lifelong memories with loved ones.

The Elegant History of Saputara Hill Station

Saputara and the native tribes of the Dang area have a long and rich history together. The name “Saputara” comes from the name of the serpent god that the local tribal people worship. “Sapta” means seven, and “tara” means hills in Sanskrit, denoting the seven hills encircling the town.

The Dangi tribe is heavily represented in the area, and its customs and culture have greatly influenced Saputara’s past. Saputara hill station lies in the Dang district, which has a centuries-old history of tribal communities.

Saputara’s historical fabric is enriched by the indigenous people’s cultural legacy in the surrounding areas, even though the town may not have a recorded history dating back thousands of years. The indigenous groups strongly bond with the land and its natural components, and their traditional way of life has profoundly impacted the area.

The growth of Saputara hill station as a tourism attraction has accelerated in recent years. Developing facilities to facilitate tourism and marketing Saputara as a hill station were major initiatives of the Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). The development of several attractions, vantage points, and leisure spaces has made Saputara a popular tourist destination.

Due to its natural beauty, agreeable atmosphere, and various activities, the town has become increasingly popular with tourists from Gujarat and neighbouring states. Saputara’s history is still developing as it embraces its status as a well-liked hill station in Gujarat and preserves its cultural links with the local indigenous populations.

Saputara Hill Station 2

Popular Sightseeing Places in Saputara Hill Station

1. Artist Village

Remarkable bamboo handicrafts and traditional textiles may be found in a little town on Nasik Road, tucked away from the tranquil Satpura Lake. This charming location is captivating due to its close vicinity to the serene lake and functions as a cultural sanctuary, providing an eye-candy display of elaborately woven bamboo objects and colourful traditional attire. Expert craftspeople showcase their talents by creating various products, from decorative accents to useful utility, which capture the area’s rich cultural legacy. By allowing guests to observe the creative process, the village promotes a genuine interaction with the local way of life. For those looking for a peek into the creative traditions, this hidden jewel near Satpura Lake offers a unique and unforgettable experience with its flawless fusion of nature and culture.

2. Vansda National Park

vansda National Park
image source: gujarattourism

The rich vegetation of the Vansda Forest is home to many different animals, including the four-horned deer, gigantic squirrel, python, tiger, and leopard. Covering twenty-four square kilometres, this lush area, formerly a part of Vansda, is home to various ecosystems. This dense forest is crossed by the Vansda-Waghai state highway and the railway that connects Ahwa and Bilmora, offering a vital connection. In the centre of Gujarat, India, this ecosystem is a refuge for wildlife enthusiasts and an essential passage for these species, demonstrating the precarious balance between the natural world and human infrastructure.

3. Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake is well known for its serene beauty. It is a charming sanctuary located in the centre of Saputara hill station. The lake has a calm ambience that is ideal for peaceful walks in the morning. With bright and colourful gardens adorning both banks, it offers a pleasant environment for strolls and peaceful reflection. Boating is an option for those who want to experience the serene waters and breathtaking scenery of the Sahyadris while floating over them. It’s the perfect moment to take in the beauty of the surroundings, especially with the lake’s soft glow from the rising sun. Saputara Lake is a calm haven that welcomes anybody looking for a peaceful getaway into the arms of the natural world.

4. Hatgadh Fort

Hatgadh Fort

Tucked away in seclusion, Hatgadh Fort is a lonely retreat that attests to the strategic genius of Maratha emperor Shivaji. Soaring magnificently, it provides the ideal haven to take in the breathtaking view from its peaks. The fort is perfect for peace and cultural immersion because of its unique historical significance and pleasant atmosphere. With the air caressing visitors’ contented faces, the fort offers a peaceful haven where one may wonder at the surrounding scenery. Steeped in history and natural beauty, Hatgadh Fort is a timeless place where the splendour of the present blends harmoniously with the echoes of the past.

5. Gira Falls

Gira Falls

The charm of nature develops at Gira Falls in Saputara while you sip tea or coffee from adjacent booths. The 150-foot-tall waterfall’s roar reverberates across the area, creating a captivating background. The scenic vista evokes the wonders of nature through a sensory experience that is a perfect match for the calming drink. The falls, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, inspire amazement and gratitude for the abundance of natural beauty. Visitors are engrossed in the serene atmosphere, where the blending of sound and vision produces a melodious symphony. Gira Falls in Saputara is a monument to the breathtaking wonders that nature so easily creates, offering a revitalising and invigorating experience to everyone who enjoys its magnificence.

6. Saputara Museum

Located in the picturesque hill town of Saputara, Gujarat, the Saputara Museum is a cultural treasure that takes visitors on an enthralling tour through the area’s rich history. The museum offers a window into the cultural mosaic of the Dang area by showcasing a wide range of artefacts, traditional crafts, and archaeological displays. Explore displays showcasing the Western Ghats’ ecology and animals, as well as tribal art and antique artefacts. The museum connects tourists with the local indigenous history and customs while acting as an educational and entertaining venue. The Saputara Museum is a must-visit location for anybody looking to gain a deeper knowledge of the cultural legacy of this charming hill station because of its carefully chosen exhibits and educational value.

7. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

One of the twelve hallowed Jyotirlinga shrines with great significance in Hindu mythology is the holy pilgrimage destination of Nageshwar. It is regarded as one of the most sacred temples in the area and is situated in Gujarat. The reigning god, Lord Shiva, has an underground room as his sanctuary, and devotees swarm there to adore him. The temple has a heavenly air that attracts people from all around, especially during Shivaratri, an auspicious day celebrated with great fervour. The spiritual ambience permeates the throng, fostering a profound environment of reverence and devotion for those who come to the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

8. Town Viewpoint 

Townview Point, a popular destination in Saputara Hill station, is one of the most alluring locations since it offers visitors a broad perspective of the whole town. This location is a vantage point because of its lofty position, providing an unparalleled view of Saputara’s lovely surroundings. Townview Point’s nighttime transformation into a captivating show is its greatest feature. The peaceful atmosphere is touched with enchantment when night falls, and the village below comes to life. Visitors are treated to an amazing light show, which heightens the attraction of this perspective and makes it a must-visit location for anybody looking for both captivating nighttime views and daytime vistas.

9. Forest Log Hut

Forest Log Hut

Situated on a hilltop with a view of Saputara Lake, the Saputara Forest Log Hut is a rustic getaway made of wooden pillars. With just five rooms, this peaceful residence offers a close-knit relationship with the natural world. The log hut, run by the forest department, provides a distinctive lodging experience that lets visitors unwind in the tranquil surroundings. To book a room, travellers need to get a reference from the relevant department, which makes the experience even more exclusive. This comfortable wooden refuge is the perfect option for anybody looking for a quiet getaway amidst Saputara’s natural beauty since it blends the charm of simplicity with the attractiveness of its picturesque location.

10. Echo Point

Saputara’s Echo Point, tucked away amid the charming areas of King George Point, Louisa Point, and Charlotte Lake, provides visitors with a singular experience—they can hear their voices echoing around them. The place captivates tourists with its spectacular visual splendour and alluring hike, even beyond the intriguing echo phenomena. Echo Point is an essential place to visit in Saputara hill station because of its appeal, enhanced by the surrounding points and the rich sceneries. This location is a pleasant and complex attraction, appealing to visitors seeking both audio wonders and the visual splendour of the Sahyadris. It combines natural beauty, hiking experiences, and an unusual echo effect.

11. Ropeway Cable

Ropeway Cable

At around thirty feet above the ground, Saputara’s Ropeway Cable offers a fascinating aerial view of the whole city. The cable cars accommodate the requirements of older people while providing a picturesque ride. These cable cars convey travellers to Governor’s Hill and Sunrise Point, two high sights, with elegance. They depart from Sunset Point. Showcasing the splendour of the hill station from high viewpoints, the experience mixes the exhilaration of a cable car trip with the scenic spectacle of Saputara’s surroundings, making it an accessible and exciting journey for guests of all ages.

12. Honey Bee Centre

The Honey Bee Centre in Saputara Hill Station takes visitors on an informative tour that thoroughly explains the several phases of raising honey bees, which ends with honey collecting. Guests may buy fresh honey and watch the fascinating process in action, creating a direct link with the golden nectar’s natural source. The centre encourages visitors to respect and recognise honey bees’ vital role in the ecology and offers activities linked to honey. In addition to providing a delightful treat, this all-encompassing experience fosters a greater awareness of the significance of protecting the environment for the welfare of these essential pollinators.

Best Time to Visit Saputara Hill Station

winter Saputara Hill Station
saputara in winter

June through November, the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, are the ideal times to explore Saputara. With abundant vegetation and nice weather, this time of year presents the hill station at its most picturesque. The post-monsoon season gives bright sky and lower temperatures, while the monsoon months bring revitalising rains that create a gorgeous environment. These are the best months to enjoy the outdoors, take in the scenery, and take in the natural beauty without the intense heat of summer. Saputara’s mild temperature makes it a year-round visit, while the monsoon and post-monsoon months are particularly popular. Summers are a good alternative for those looking for a different experience in this charming hill station.


Saputara hill station is a mesmerising sanctuary, where every hill, waterfall, and lush acreage reveals the poetry of nature. This Gujarati hill resort is a living example of the beauty and appeal of the Western Ghats. Travellers looking for peace are drawn to the symphony created by the verdant surroundings, tumbling waterfalls, and soothing air 1000 metres above sea level. Saputara never fascinates, whether in the hot summer, crisp post-monsoon sky, or misty monsoons. Every aspect of it begs investigation, from the serene Saputara Lake to the echo of its perspectives to the museums’ rich cultural legacy. You don’t simply visit Saputara; you go there and experience the embrace of nature, where beauty comes to life.

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