Agra Fort: A Glimpse into Mughal Splendor


Agra Fort: The Outstanding Beauty of Agra

Talking about Agra Fort or Fatehpur Sikri Fort, we know about this outstanding beauty because it is lavishly made with white marble and red stone. At first, Agra Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar with red stone. After that, Shah Jahan took over the fort and added white marble. There are two parts of the fort, the Indian army captures 75% part, and the rest 25% part of the fort visitors can visit. 

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How to Reach?

It is 231.7 km from Delhi via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy. Multiple transportation options, including cars, buses, and two-wheelers, are available to reach your destination. You can also book train tickets from New Delhi to Agra. It is a 50 minutes drive from the Agra Fort Railway Station. Also, if you are arriving at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Airport, it is 11 km approx. And 35 minutes drive from the airport.

Agra Fort during Jahangir’s reign

Jahangir Palace in Agra Fort

At the fort’s entrance, a bathtub is made with only a single piece of stone for Jahangir. An interesting fact is that the bath was gifted to him by his maternal uncle. At that time, the tub was placed in the palace. During the reign of Jahangir, the fort was confined with full security. There are two modes to enter the fort at the forts entrance gate. Crocodiles were in the water in the first mode to protect the fort. In the second mode, there were wild animals to protect the fort. A Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace) inside the fort is the most grateful bathroom ever. It is entirely made of glass without having any windows in it. For the ventilation process, there was a window from outside the bathroom. 

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There was an entertainment hall in the fort where Jahangir and all his friends watched the dance of “Daisies.” Thus, the hall’s name was Rang Mahal, in the ruling of Akbar. An astounding fact is that even in the absence of electricity during the Mughals period, Akbar gifted his son Salim an A/C room in the fort. The best part is that there is no single window in the room. There are Shah Jahan and Mumtaz’s bedrooms with walls decorated with full gold designer paintings to the right. But in 1803, Britishers melted all the gold from the wall and took it. There are many things to observe in the fort, like Salim Garh, where Salim plays with pigeons, now occupied by the Indian army. Offices are also made in the fort to mark the attendance of the 4500 workers. 

Tourist Attractions

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It is the best heritage spot for tourists visiting Agra. There are many hotels and restaurants for tourists besides the best heritage spot. The hotels are also built to experience an ancient lifestyle. There are shops where you can buy the antiques, traditional & old things and fashionable clothes of the Mughal period. You can do poetry about the fort’s magical view in the evening. You would love to visit the fort in winter more than in summer. To gain authentic knowledge, consider hiring a tourist guide.

So, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Agra Fort while sipping hot chocolate and deep-diving into its ancient history.


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