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Dansborg Fort (2023) – Tharangambadi (Tranquebar)



Dansborg Fort: Danish Dynasty’s fort beside the Sea

Often referred to as Danish Fort, the massive Dansborg Fort screams elegance and is the second-largest fort in the world. It symbolizes an important historical place for Denmark and its relations with the people of India. The Danish people built the fort, and locally the fort is called Danish Fort. It is the second-largest fort built by the Danish, after the Kronborg in Denmark. It has been made at Tharangambadi (Tranquebar) in the district’s coastal area, attracting many tourists. The fort has vast corridors, halls, high ceilings, and columned structures, the most modern fort built in that century.

The fort was built beside the Sea, and the rooms which faced the Sea used to be the Governor’s residence, with a fireplace, kitchen, chimney, etc. The fort has an attractive and huge Museum and some luxurious places connecting that time and present technologies, and it can also be known as the youngest fort among all the forts because it is a 250-year-old building. The construction of this fort started around 1620. The government is renovating a portion of a wall on the fort’s western side, creating pathways, landscaping, and setting up galleries with lighting. The fort has made over the vast area not far from the Sea-shore. Like the fort, it is built over the seashore. Its walls collapse many times.

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How To Reach?

You can reach the fort by train, car and bus. Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu, the address of the fort. You can reach the fort by four-wheeler or train to Tamil Nadu Railway Station. You can take a cab or bus towards your destination.

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Management of Dansborg Fort and nearby places to Dansborg Fort                 

The Archeological Survey controls and manages the fort’s facilities. The wall built to a height of about five meters has prevented waterlogging, the source said, and it is the only fort that is Pink in colour. The rocks and the bricks around the fort make the fort’s beauty more attractive. As the fort is built beside the Sea, the Danish dynasty built the fort in Ship-shape. You can visit the fort by Car and Bus. There are lots of hotels and restaurants near the fort, and you can make a stay too. You can also hire a tourist guide for the historical place that you wish to, i.e., Dansborg Fort; at the entrance gate, you can hire a tourist guide who is appointed there to fill you with complete knowledge of the fort and the lifestyle of the dynasties that ruled the fort at that time. Consider visiting nearby attractions such as the Tow Gate. The Zion Church, Old Danish Cemetery, The Zieganbalg Museum complex, The Masilamani Nathar Temple, and The New Jerusalem Church. The sculpture of Jesus is so beautiful that everyone should adore it once in their life; the paintings and the art gallery behind the church express more spirituality of people out there. You can park your vehicle there outside and visit the church.


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