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Chittorgarh Fort: A Window to the Glorious Past of Rajasthan



Chittorgarh Fort: Beauty of Rajputanas 

Chittorgarh Fort, presenting royalty in the name itself and situated in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, is made of red stones, and the entire fort is shaped like a Big Fish. It is painted, showing the importance of Rajput culture and tradition.

There are many temples, lakes, and Columns and approximately seven gates. In ancient times, around 1 00,000 people lived in this fort, but now only 25,000 people reside. Kumbh Mahal (Kumbh Palace) is the oldest Palace of the Chittorgarh Fort. This heritage site is situated near Vijay Column (Stambh). This column shows the beauty of the Rajputana culture. The fort has nine floors, and every floor has sculptures of (Hindu Gods and Goddesses). Kirti Column (Stambh) also displays the importance of Rajput traditions by having six floors in it. It is prohibited to visit the Kirti Column.

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How To Reach?

The place has good connectivity through bus and rail from all the states’ major cities. Udaipur airport is situated nearest to it, which is around 56 miles away from it.

Main Attraction site of Chittorgarh Fort

  • Fateh Prakash Palace and Museum

Fateh Prakash Palace and Museum

Next is Fateh Prakash Palace and Museum. Earlier, it was the Palace only, but now it has turned into a Museum where you can see things, paintings, and the precious sculptures of kings and queens of that time. Another palace is named Padmini Palace (Padmavati Palace). This double-floored building is situated in the centre of a lake into the fort, also known as (Janana Palace). Beside Janana Palace, there is another palace named (Mardana Palace). Allaudin Khilji saw Rani Padmavati’s shadow from the Mardana Palace and attacked Chittorgarh Palace to win the Queen. 

 Chittorgarh Fort’s Connections with Bollywood

Connections with Bollywood
Connections with Bollywood

The famous Bollywood movie “Padmavat” tells the real story behind it. When the film was released in theatres, people went to the Mardana Palace and destroyed it from the inside. They believe Allaudin Khilji saw Rani Padmavati. From there, so the Palace should be eradicated. Then the government banned visiting the Mardana Palace. Apart from these, there are many places to visit in the fort-like Gaumukh Reservoir, Meera Temple, Kalka Mata Temple, and the Jain Temple. If you are fascinated by shopping a lot, this place is full of Rajasthani clothes and things for men and women. You can also enjoy the Light and Sound show, which tells you the entire history of Chittorgarh Palace in Hindi and English. You must buy the tickets to visit the, and the light and sound show separately. The fort is 70 kilometres from the airport, which is the nearest destination point towards the fort. The sandy area is known for the Rajputana dynasty, which ruled over it for a long time. The rural area has few hotels nearby to stay, but the restaurants fill gaps with exciting Rajasthani snacks, and at the fort’s entrance, you can hire a tourist guide to fill yourself with a bunch of true knowledge about the fort.


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