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Discover the Beauty of Amritsar’s Golden Temple

Do you love to explore different religions and their temples like Amritsar? How many places have you visited? It is interesting to travel around the world and see other different faiths and look at their temples which are an amazing part of the trip. People have many places to visit at Amritsar, like in India. Many places in India are religious, like the Buddha modesty, an amazing place known for peace, and their uniqueness is amazing and also known for architecture. These places are amazing and the most visited places in the world. 

Like this only in India, the golden temple of Amritsar, the biggest temple for the Sikh religion, and more than thousands of people visit here daily. You may hear the chants that Gurudwaras do in this city at the beginning of each day. Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural Place of the Sikh Religion, and here you can feel peace, which is why most people visit here. Many religious places are held here occasionally. Baisakhi festival is a big festival that creates happiness all around the Sikh religion. Today many things happen as the finest food and clothes, and many celebrate it joyfully. Let us know more about Amritsar and Gurudwaras. Please stay with us till the end.

Why is Amritsar known as a peaceful place? 

Amritsar is a beautiful city known for its peace and spiritual places and has a unique history since independence. This place is especially known for the Golden Temple, which refers to Sri Harmandir Sahib, the holiest shrine in Sikhism. It is situated in the city’s centre so visitors can reach Amritsar’s golden temple from any part of the town. For many reasons, the golden temple is amazing, like its architecture, stunning and made from pure gold, which provides it more attractiveness. 


It is a spiritual place, and that is why you can see here the daily Langar (community kitchen) attracts a large number of visitors and devotees each day. The temple is open to every devoter, and food is served to over 100,000 people, free food from all walks of life and one of the world’s biggest community kitchens. 

In the mid of the temple, the shrine is a small part known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. The Sikhs, everyone comes here to see that shrine. Outside, at the entrance to the temple, there is a holy lake known as Amrit Sarovar. People wash their faces and visit the temple, and it is necessary to cover their heads there. Without something on their head, visitors do not allude to visiting. 

You can see the Museum also inside, on the main entrance clock tower, which shows that they have taken back their land and respect by the Sikhs movements from the hands of the Mughals, and the British government named the Sikh Museum.

Vaisakhi, observed in the Golden Temple during the second week of April (usually on April 13), is one of the most significant holidays. It is performed on the temple premises and is another famous festival celebrated for Guru Nanak Dev’s birth anniversary. 

Tip for visiting the Golden Temple 

Before entering the temple complex, you need to go with these tips. 

  • Please remove your shoes and socks and wash them properly with water in the nearby area where you get the water. You will find a shoe depositor to fix your shoes and sandals for free and enjoy your trip without any worries. 
  • Your body must be covered properly with the dress and your head with the cloth, and if you do not have material, you can buy it from outside to the temple complex for just 10 rupees. 
  •  Tobacco and alcohol are prohibited, so the request does not carry them.
  •  Photography is allowed near the walkway surrounding the tank but not allowed inside the Golden Temple, so try to avoid it. 

Best time to visit Amritsar 

The best time to visit Amritsar’s golden temple is during the winter months of September to December and February to March when the weather is cool and good for visiting the whole day. Still, people used to come here an entire year so that you can see the rush here even in the summers, but it is advised not to go during the summer season and apart from summer, people can visit at any time. It is instructed not to see here in the summer because it touches 42 degrees in the summer because of the humid and hot temperatures. 

How to visit Amritsar?

Amritsar is a big and famous city in beautiful Punjab, so it is well connected with India’s major cities via public transport and roads. The visitor can reach here without any problem. The Amritsar airport is just 15 km away from the main town and near the capital Chandigarh, which is only 240 km away. The railway junction is closer so the visitor can book the tickets online, and sever bus services so that visitor can go for bus tickets again online or offline. 

Amritsar places to visit

#Amritsar: – Amritsar is an amazing and peaceful city in the very beautiful state of Punjab. This city is revered and famous for its Golden Temple, the most religious place for Sikhs in India, referring to Sri Harmandir Sahib. The Amritsar name has been derived from Amrit Sarovar, which Guru Ram Das built in the village of Tung. Guru Ram Das believed the lake’s waters had miraculous healing powers. He bought the land for 700 rupees, and a temple complex was built around it. Now, the village was developed by people and Sikh gurus, and it was named Chakk Ram Das and now finally became Amritsar, which tells about the pool’s corrector.

#Amrit Sarovar: – Amrit Sarovar is a holy pond in the golden temple’s heart. It is known for its amazing miracle of healing power, and that is why everyone who visits the golden temple comes near the lake and heals their wounds. The Amritsar name has been derived from Amrit Sarovar, which Guru Ram Das built in the village of Tung. He bought the land for 700 rupees, and a temple complex was built around this miracle Sarovar. The name Amritsar is also derived from this lake Amrit Sarovar.

#Vaisakhi: It is a famous festival among Punjabi people, which is why it is one of India’s most famous festivals. Vaisakhi is celebrated in the second week of April (mostly the 13th or 14th of April). It is also known as Baisakhi. It is especially celebrated because the Guru Tegh Bahadur refused to accept Islam under the order of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, and it is believed that it was the win of the Sikh community over unwanted force. The Sikh community was reborn, and it is now celebrated as a major festival in India. 


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