Discovering the Tribal History and Culture of Odisha


Discovering the Tribal History and Culture of Odisha

Odisha: an interesting tribal destination in India. There is a residence of more than 40 tribal groups. The colorful culture and traditions of these tribes are different from other states in the country. Tourists come from far and wide to experience Odisha’s tribal culture, dance and folk music, and rituals.

The places to visit in Odisha


Jagannath transformed

The popular Jagannath Temple is one of the four major pilgrimage sites of the Hindus because of the Puri Jagannath Temple. Jagannath temple is one of the main Hindus, and it is one of India’s four dhams.

There is a small town on the entire Bay of Bengal. The whole city of Rath Yatra is famous. This is the Rath Yatra taken out in the month of June and Juli every year. Puri is called the resting place of Lord Shiva. The legalization of cannabis gained popularity among hippies in the 1970s. At present, the availability of cannabis is now limited. It is a tourist center due to its full religious significance and cultural heritage. There is a lot of sari tourist center around Puri. Such as Peel Lake, Puri Beach, Zoo, Sun Temple, etc.


Bhubaneshwar is famous for its architecture and magnificent temples. It is a prosperous center in the field of trade and commerce. It is a religious tourism center. Lingaraj and Parashurama temple in Bhubaneswar is the center of attraction, attracting tourists from all parts of India.

Bhubaneshwar is an ancient city Which is full of ancient temples. Bhubaneswar literally means “Brahmin of God.” Which shows the number of ancient temples here and the religious enthusiasm of the devotees.

Konark Tourism Tribal History and Culture of Odisha

Konark’s Sun Temple is an architectural marvel and is one of the most beautiful monuments of India. The Annual Dance Festival is a five day-long cultural extravaganza which invites unique dancing talent from all over the country. This festival is a grand celebration of our country’s rich cultural and artistic legacy, an event to truly rejoice the various dance forms that our country has invented. The celebrations happen with the backdrop of the Sun temple, adding grandeur and magnificence to the whole program. Besides this, Konark also hosts the Sun Festival, where devotees offer prayers to the Sun God by taking dips in the sea. The Dance Festival also hosts a Handicrafts Mela where one can buy unique and exquisitely handcrafted pieces which beautifully reflect the Oriya art form.

Asi Museum

ASI Museum is situated outside the Sun Temple and houses some unique artifacts which reflect the essence of Oriyan art form. The museum has 250 different kinds of antiques recovered from the Sun Temple.

There are separate galleries which have unique collections of antique pieces like carved stones, images of Surya Narayana, erotic sculptures among other pieces are also the part of the collection.

Cuttack Tribal History and Culture of Odisha

Cuttack is the second-largest city in Odisha and the former capital as well. Local handicrafts of this state are displayed and traded in this very city. Cuttack is always buzzing with cultural activities and plays host to a variety of festivals like the Baliyatra, which commemorates the ancient trade links the countries like Java, Bali, and Sumatra, Durga Puja and the Kite Festival which is held in the month of January. Tribal History and Culture of Odisha.

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